Finisterre Day 4 – Finisterre!!

A really lovely scenic 14km walk this morning saw me arrive at Finisterre to complete my latest Camino. Warm but with a nice breeze, the perfect weather to enjoy the views, reflect on my achievement, and then enjoy a lovely lunch in Muxia with my wife. Happy ending 😀🇪🇸

Finisterre Day 3 – Corcubión

The best stage of my Camino Finisterre so far, despite me having a bit of a hangover after a couple too many drinks last night with a German fellow peregrino!

Very misty start but lovely, and largely remote undulating trail, mostly off road, with some great views. The only difficult stretch was the kilometre or so down a steep and slippery hill into Cee, but once there it was lovely to be at the seaside. Had a nice lunch in Cee before walking along the seafront all the way to my Hotel in Corcubión.

Only 12 kilometres to go tomorrow morning to Finisterre, then a birthday lunch with my wife in Muxia, can’t wait!


Finisterre Day 2 – Oliveiroa


A lovely sunny 34km (according to my garmin) walk through some typical Galician countryside, ending in a quaint old village with lots of Horreos (maize/grain stores) and an impressive church and graveyard.

Still lots of peregrinos today, but the countryside was more open, and there were some lovely views. Looking forward again to tomorrows walk, and the expected views of the coast and sea.



Finisterre Day 1 – Negreira

Today I walked the first leg of the Camino Finisterre – So I’m on my way to the end of the world! Not one of my favourite camino stages though, a bit boring, and a big long  climb of two hundred plus vertical metres over just two kilometres of trail. The views improved after that climb however, and the river and bridge at Ponte Maceira were great.




Lots of pilgrims today, way more than I’ve ever experienced on the Via de la Plata, Camino Invierno or Camino Inglés. I have really enjoyed the tranquility and remoteness of my previous Caminos but today it seemed like there was always someone within sight either in front or behind, or that I could hear someone talking. Had a few interesting chats with some nice people, but it justified my past decisions not to walk the Camino Frances, which is by far the busiest Camino route, and along which most of pilgrims I encountered had been travelling before today.

A long 34km stage tomorrow to Olveiroa, and the weather is forecast at 25’C. Not as hot at the 30’C forecast for Sunday though, when I’m hoping to reach Finisterre!


Inglés Day 5 – Santiago


Done it! Arrived in Santiago de Compostela!


Had a nice lunch and then had to queue for two hours to get my credencial stamped and receive my compostela. Had a few nice chats with other pilgrims, so the time seemed to go faster than it would have otherwise.




Started out just before daybreak, but it was misty for the first couple of kms so not much to see for a while.

At about halfway the route went through a huge industrial estate, and then into the suburbs of the city. No views, but a couple of coffee stops helped.



Inglés Day 3 – Hospital de Bruma

Another very hot and sunny day. After leaving the suburbs of Betanzos, and a very long climb, the rest of the lovely 27km walk was through isolated countryside and seemingly endless Eucalyptus forests. Managed to find a bar for a drink twice along the way though, so all was well 😀🍺.

The trees meant there were only a few vistas, but they helped to provide much needed shade. Had to walk an extra stage from Hospital de Bruma to my hotel in O Meson do Vento, but I’m not an Albergue dormitory fan and an extra kilometre or two is worth the relative peace and quiet it brings. Still manage to meet other Pilgrims along the way and in the various bars and restaurants, which I enjoy too.